Aubrey De Grey in GQ Magazine

April 26, 2010

Dr. Aubrey de Grey at the Premier Reception


Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the Lady Gaga of gerontology (as we like to call him) featured in To Age or Not To Age, is the subject of an article published in the May issue of GQ Magazine entitled How to Live to 150. It’s Not Crazy, It’s Science—and It’s Here, which was written by Michael Finkel (the article is not available on line).  

Finkel opens his article with the following question:  

“Is Aubrey de Grey full of shit?  It’s an important question.  There’s a chance – and I’m really not trying to overstate the case here – that it’s the most important question ever asked.”  

He goes on to explain that while Dr. de Grey, who has a Ph.D. in biology from Cambridge University, is considered to be a bit of a pariah among some of his peers in the scientific community, it’s difficult to simply dismiss him as a crackpot because,  

“he [de Grey] is extraordinarily brilliant…Even [one of his] detractors [Shewin Nuland, a retired Yale professor]…compare[s] de Grey’s intellect and originality to that of Leonardo da Vinci”.  

de Grey takes the position that we do not have to grow old and die and ought to be striving to eliminate aging altogether.  This, he proposes, could be achieved through the implementation of his plan to end aging called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (or SENS).  For a more detailed account of  SENS visit the SENS Foundation website

Finkel challenges us to listen to what Aubrey has to say on the subject of aging and seriously consider  

“what it could mean if he is not full of shit”  

Tell us what you think it would mean if Aubrey is right and it is possible to get rid of aging and dying in humans so that we could live a very long time, perhaps even indefinitely?

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Ben April 26, 2010 at 10:07 pm

He’s not full of shit. Nor is he Da Vinci.

He’s a very smart guy who happens to be ahead of the curve as concerns his awareness of a particular trend in biology, that will soon become public knowledge: Aging is becoming more and more understood at the exact same time as regenerative medicine is developing into maturity.

And yeah, that means things are gonna change. Get ready.

michael April 27, 2010 at 4:45 am


if he is right…. …. ….

we would perhaps live to about a thousand on average……


we would probably get a chance to visit other planets (presuming they are able to figure out a way to have stuff move faster than the speed of light in the next 800 years….)



humans would have to adapt…. psychologically… spiritually…. socially….

and there is a fellow named Ray Kurzeil who thinks we can basically do what Aubrey de Grey proposes, i think using nanotechnology, by the year 2030..

that is of course if my memory serves me……..

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