Film Review: Fountain of Youth – May Not Be A Fantasy!!!

June 30, 2010

I haven’t met too many people over 40 who can honesty say that aging is something they are looking forward to.   In fact, the subject of immortality has always been one of great fascination.  The resurgence of “vampire mania” only proves that point. Good vampire – bad vampire who cares as long as we get to live forever.  Human beings fear death. so anything that allows us to fantasize of everlasting life is always embraced.

But, what if this fantasy was starting to look not only like a possibility, but more like a probability? What then?    

A new movie called ‘To Age or Not To Age’ offers up the idea that we as human beings could live 20% to 40% longer, and that 120-year-old people could be able to look, feel, and move around like a 60-year-old does today. If true, it could be one of the most amazing scientific discoveries ever made; even being called the most important since that of DNA itself.

The documentary comes from filmmaker Robert Kane Pappas, who talks to many different doctors and scientists, some of whom quite a few years ago accidentally (that’s how all of the great discoveries start) stumbled upon interesting traits in the life span of yeast organisms after some were left in a freezer for an extended amount of time. In years of research since then, they’ve discovered something incredible: that aging as we know it is not necessary.

Over the course of the film, we’ll hear some of the most brilliant minds researching this medical miracle right this very moment. There’s even companies who have developed a drug that affects genes like the SI-RT-1 gene, which studies have shows prolongs life.  Not only has a drug been developed, but many scientists are already taking it — that’s how much faith they have in this discovery. Unfortunately for us, “aging” is not technically a disease, so it’s thought that this will never be approved by the FDA — another topic that’s discussed in the documentary.

To Age or Not To Age is an incredible documentary to watch, and everyone should really see for themselves.  We are living in an incredible age of discovery.


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