June 5, 2010

Painting by David Slater

In TO AGE OR NOT TO AGE,  Dr. Aubrey de Grey predicts that within a couple of decades (unless we get really unlucky), we will be able to begin to reverse aging in humans by developing therapies that will make us biologically younger.  The trick for middle-aged people living today is to stay young and healthy enough to benefit from those therapies in the future. We have listed below ten popular “secrets” of longevity, to help keep you young and healthy as we wait for those therapies to become available to us.   

Ten Steps To A Healthier Life   

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Drink alcohol in moderation: men should keep alcohol intake at a level of not more than two drinks daily preferably red wine; women should have not more than one drink daily, preferably red wine.
  3. Exercise, including breathing exercises.
  4. Follow a caloric restriction diet; or just eat moderately.
  5. Dissipate the negative effects of stress by looking on the bright-side; view every challenge as an opportunity to learn; focus on the quality of personal relationships, recognizing the power of love and connections.
  6. Have a passion for life – live your life with a sense of purpose.
  7. Take vegetarian food-based supplements.
  8. Have regular doctor and dentist checkups.
  9. Fight free radicals with a diet full of fruits and vegetables.
  10. Educate yourself on the latest preventive measures and on how to live longer.
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Richard C. Fox/Fournier June 20, 2010 at 10:26 pm

If “LiFe” = +3/-26…then “Life” is a word anagram that leads the inquiring mind of those desiring longivity beyond two hundred years to study Chemistry…as for me (and only me)…
…Chemistry (the word) holds cryptic inscrptions for within the 9 alpa symbols I find the first four letters of my fiirst name {RICH and I can almost spell my middle name:
“CH_R_ES {Charles), I also find the first four letter’s of the State where I was born & raised “MICH” which is assigned the federal geographic location number “371″ which is “ETC” or 3rd, 7th and 1st letters in the spelling of chemistry…I also see the word “TIME” which is based on the duration of the chemical element “CESI_M” {cesium 133}…I see the word “CHRIST” but I’m not talking about Jesus…no; I’m using His Name acronymicly to depect the Benzene Ring C6H6 R/i {ohms law} S(ystem) (t) {proton positive.

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