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October 12, 2010

A Comment by Robert Kane Pappas

On several occasions lately, again at the Hamptons International Film Festival this weekend, some scientist or filmmaker has made the connection between “inside our bodies” and the outside world.  But more than merely saying they effect each other, the idea is that these complex structures actually mirror each other.  In Tom Shadyac’s personal film I AM,  he posits that greed — he is an A list Hollywood Director and would probably know — is society’s manifestation of Cancer, wanting more, taking more, at the expense of the environment and the general population.

Molecular biologists I speak with see cancer as a big problem — it wants to survive and grow; and because the cancer evolves, it eventually overcomes the body’s many defenses.  Sometimes cancer cells even pretend to be what they are not.  The irony, of course, is that the cancer dies when it kills the host body.  But the motivation, the reason, is “to take more” get bigger, take over.

This morning, the UK papers are speaking of the conflict between Rupert Murdoch and the other English media players, the BBC, the Guardian, etc.  Murdoch has proposed to completely buy the rest of British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, in which he now owns a minority interest, along with several newspapers. One of his newspapers, “The News of The World”, is involved in a scandal concerning that newspaper’s wide spread use of wire tapping of public figures for political purposes.  These same politicians have been slow to investigate the charges because there are reports that “they have been threatened” with exposure uncovered by those wire taps.  The public’s representatives themselves appear to be compromised.

In my last film, Orwell Rolls In His Grave, I investigated the trend of Media Corporations becoming larger and larger — of owning both content and the delivery system — witness Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal — the power of controlling society’s ability to communicate and of people to be informed.

The reason – the motivation – to become larger and larger?  Ask the cancer cell.

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