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February 26, 2011

Biological evolution has been traditionally viewed as due to mutations in genes.  However this kind of evolution can require hundreds of thousands or millions of years to take hold   Now we know that evolution can happen much faster, in as little as a few generations.   Further, I see the human species as evolving very fast in the direction of longer lifespans, with the average lifespan from birth in the US and advanced countries increasing about 4 hours each day that goes by.

Please see this short video segment.  And then comment on us humans evolving to live longer.  And also comment on how interesting and useful you find this video kind of communication compared to the usual text-based blog entries.

I have suggested that the rapid kind of evolution involved is epigenetic evolution which moves far faster than Darwinian genetic evolution.   It is the kind of evolution that has allowed us to grow taller in just a few generations and that is leading to our ever-longer average lifespans.  See Vince Guiliano’s blog entries US falling behind in longevity increases – why?, Social evolution and biological evolution – another dialog with Marios Kyriazis, Social ethics of longevity and a more-technical presentation Stochastic epigenetic evolution – a new and different theory of evolution, aging and disease susceptibility.

This blog entry and several subsequent ones including short video segments on longevity science are being brought to you in a close collaboration between Vince Guiliano and Robert Kane Pappas.  Vince is a longevity scientist who has for numerous years surveyed the emerging literature of aging science.  Vince writes perhaps the most popular blog in the field of aging science Anti-Aging Firewalls where Vince analyzes and  synthesizes results from numerous disparate areas of research in terms of their implications for health and longevity.  The blog is very much the gold standard with over 350 postings, the majority of which are mini-treatises on topics of aging sciences.  Robert is the director of  To Age or Not to Age. Robert captured hundreds of hours of interesting video in shooting the film over a 4-year period, including extensive interviews with a number of prominent aging-science researchers.  It was possible to incorporate only a small fraction of that interesting material in the film itself.  However, Robert will be identifying short interesting segments of materials both in the film and not in the film, and Vince will be remarking on them just as in this blog entry.

The same videos and my same remarks will appear on both this site and on the site Anti-Aging Firewalls. 

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Age Reversal – Video Blog
February 28, 2011 at 11:31 am

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admin February 27, 2011 at 10:44 am

Viewing the video segment for the umpteenth time, it dawned on me that I agree with what is in the video except for the last statement by Dr. Austad. “Evolution doesn’t care how long you live. Evolution cares about how many kids you leave, that’s all.” Evolution clearly does care that we live long enough to raise our kids until they are independent – that has been accepted for a very long time. Moreover, evolution caring is why the island opossums evolved to live twice as long. And evolution caring is why evolution has been extending our lifespans since the dawn of history. And that caring is why our average lifespans are increasing in the US two months for every year that passes right now. Perhaps the point Dr. Austad is trying to make is that there is nothing about the process of evolution that sets an arbitrary limit on our lifespan, and I would certainly agree with that. — Vince

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