The Power Hour With Joyce Riley

March 9, 2011

This morning, Wednesday, March 9th, filmmaker Robert Kane Pappas was the featured guest of Joyce Riley on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley, a syndicated radio program available nationally and internationally.   Robert was joined by fellow collaborator, Vince Guiliano, for a lively two-hour discussion on longevity sciences and their implications. 

The audio from the program is attached here commercial-free (thanks to Terri Needham, our associate producer, who stripped out all the commercials) and can be heard by clicking on the following links.  The Power Hour (hour 1) and The Power Hour (hour 2).   To listen to the commercial-free version, you will need to download the program but it’s well worth the it to listen without advertising.   

The original program is commercially-supported and the program was interupted by numerous commercials, including ones for health products.  Neither Vince nor Robert endorse the products advertised. 

Vince writes perhaps the most popular blog in the field of aging science, (formerly known as Anti-Aging Firewalls) where Vince analyzes and  synthesizes results from numerous disparate areas of research in terms of their implications for health and longevity.  The blog is very much the gold standard with over 350 postings, the majority of which are mini-treatises on topics of aging sciences.  Click here to read Vince’s own reflections on appearing on The Power Hour.

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